After an accident, injury victims often face an overwhelming and uncertain time. Physical pain can be daunting and recovery slow going, especially for those who suffer serious injuries. Additional emotional and financial stresses can weigh heavily on victims and their families. Often, insurance companies attempt to use this difficult time to their own advantage. Insurance company tactics

Look Out for These 5 Insurance Company Tactics

Soon after an accident, victims can expect to hear from an insurance company representative. This person needs information to begin your claim and start the process of awarding your compensation for medical care and lost wages. However, the representative is rarely honest during this initial contact and may try to slant the process in the company’s favor by:

  1. Recording a statement. Accident victims are usually not obligated to provide a recorded statement, which insurance companies want to gather information that can be used against them. Resist making any type of recorded statement.
  2. Asking for more information than is necessary. While it is typically necessary to provide basic details about your accident, such as the date, time, and location, you do not need to provide any other information. All extra details may be used by the insurance company to reduce your claim.
  3. Attempting to convince victims to settle quickly. Victims can expect insurance adjusters to call quickly after an accident and push a fast settlement offer. Most often, these offers are much lower than what the victim deserves. Victims should be careful and take time to consider all their rights, as well as understand the full extent of their injuries before agreeing to a settlement. Once that agreement is signed, it is extremely difficult to go back and obtain any further compensation.
  4. Surveilling victims. Insurance companies will watch what you do and where you go. Additionally, they will monitor your social media postings for any signs that you are not as injured or as ill as you claim.
  5. Claiming victims do not need an attorney. Insurance companies know that an experienced attorney understands a victim’s rights and is well aware of an adjuster’s tactics. They will discourage victims from finding legal representation, which is a clear red flag.

An Experienced Injury Attorney Can Help

After an accident, victims and their families are understandably overwhelmed. Many simply want to move on with their lives and put the accident behind them. But to do that, victims should be awarded all the compensation they deserve to cover medical care, lost wages, and lifestyle changes. While insurance companies will use shady tactics to avoid their responsibility to victims, an experienced attorney can help. At Athens Injury Law Group, our lawyers have helped other accident victims just like you. They know your rights and can work to protect you while you focus on what’s really important—your own physical and emotional recovery.

If you or someone you love suffered injuries in a motor vehicle accident, let us handle the insurance company. Learn more about your rights and get your questions answered today. Call our office, or take a moment to fill out the online contact form on this page to speak to a member of our team.

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